Perfectly Pampered by Daphne

Services - Beauty Care Treatments and Relaxation Experiences

A La Carte Beauty and Relaxation Treatments...


~Skin Care Consultation - Complimentary

~Beauty Care Facial - $75

~Microdermabrasion Facial - $90

~Color Cosmetic Consultation - Complimentary

~Color Cosmetic Application  - $25 and up

~Hand and Foot Treatments - Starts @ $10 and $20 (respectively)

~Full Body Pampered Hot Oil Relaxation Massage - $80 for 1 hr.

~Scalp Massage $15 for 10 minutes

~Head/Neck/Shoulders Rejuvenation Massage - $15 for 20 minutes

~Rejuvenating Back Scrub w/ Head/Neck/Shoulder Massage -$35

~Aromatherapy - Complimentary

*Perfectly Pampered Packaged Services:

~Perfectly Pampered Relaxation Experience - This package is a 2hr. experience where you will melt away into serenity.  Luxurious hand and foot treatments are administered to provide immediate relief from any stresses.  A 1 hr full body hot oil massage is next, and then followed up with a microdermabrasion facial and scalp massage.  - $175  ($40 savings).  Saving money is always PERFECT!

~Cater 2 You Beauty Care Facial - This facial is especially designed with you in mind.  An assessment of the visible condition of your skin will dictate which pampered products you will experience.  Your specific needs will be addressed with skin care solutions that nourish your skin's health and appearance.  Fine lines, wrinkles, dryness/oiliness, acne, clogged pores, and blemishes are issues that will be addressed.  The application of steamy hot towels adorns this treatment to bring life back to your skin!Just for you, a scalp/neck/shoulder massage will seal your catered experience.   - $110

~Spoil Me Rotten Retreat Experience - Simply put, this package is a combination of the Perfectly Pampered Relaxation Experience and the Cater 2 You Beauty Care Facial.  One can only imagine the level of euphoria attained when your mind, body, and spirit are in harmony....  Please allow Daphne to recognize that it's all about YOU! - $225 (Best Value!)

~R&R Treatment (Relax & Rejuvenate) - This 75 minute treatment is the "perfect" solution to bringing a refreshed perspective to your day!  You will experience the Cater 2 You Beauty Care Facial, a soothing hand treatment, and a rejuvenating neck/shoulder/upper extremity/back relaxation massge.  This check up from the neck up, and upper body invigoration treatment is sure to give you that boost of energy and improved mentality that you need to succeed! - $165





The Finer Points of the Beauty and Relaxation Treatments...


*Hand & Foot Treatment *

 A softener is applied to the hands and feet, and is made more effective by the application of a hot steamy towel. An exfoliating scrub removes dry/dead skin to reveal a fresh new layer of epidermis. The treatment is sealed with a luxurious moisturizing cream, and hand/foot massage. Hands/Feet stay hydrated for at least 12 hours!

*Full Body Pampered Hot Oil Relaxation Massage*

This experience takes place in a space that is perfectly designed to retreat you to a preview of heaven.  A sweet aroma, beautiful candles, and blissfully soft melodies take this retreat to another level. Invigorating hot oil is massaged deeply over the entire body. This stress relieving reward is deserved by everyone!

*Microdermabrasion Facial*

 A creamy cleanser is applied to rid the skin of all superficial impurities and toxins that bombard the face daily. A refiner solution with micro-fine crystals gently wisk away dead skin cells to expose a new layer of beauty. The new epidermis then drinks a replenishing solution for balance. This non-abrasive beauty treatment is sealed with a silky anti-aging moisturizing cream. You will feel refreshed, and anew!

*Cater 2 You Beauty Care Facial*

This facial treatment is purposed to target the specific needs of your skin, and address these needs with the appropriate skin care solution.  Issues such as fine lines or wrinkles, blemishes, dryness/oiliness, and acne are diminished with this lavish tailored service.  You will leave feeling ready to "face" the world, with your skin feeling hydrated and looking radiant!

  • If you would like to schedule a Couples or Duo-Pampering Service  for you and your girl/guy-friend, please email your request to:

  • Please be advised that any treatment provided is for the sole intent and purpose to relieve stress and tension, and to provide a tranquil environment where relaxation techniques are utilized to renew the mind, body and spirit. **The services rendered are not intended to be of any sexual/romantic, or otherwise inappropriate nature.**
  • Please be advised that no services rendered are intended to replace or enhance any medical/mental health issues or treatments otherwise diagnosed or recommended by a licensed health professional.

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